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Classic Hollywood: Ginger Rogers

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Innovative Programming & Giving Back #MyMusicHall

Innovative Programming & Giving Back

Each season ignites a fire for the next. I am constantly inspired by the programming and conversations we are able to bring through The Music Hall’s doors. As we are celebrating our 140th birthday, we are excited to share the astonishing season to come. From stunning singers and musicians to captivating cinema and writers, there is truly something for everyone at The Music Hall, and that is all thanks to each of you. Read More Read More
Thank you for reading #MyMusicHall

Thank you for reading

I’ve been trying to write this blog for the last week. It’s been a hard one to write, as it is my last Music Hall blog post, as they said every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. It has been a wonderful almost four years here and it has been an honor to have a played a part in this organizations growth. Read More Read More
Thanks for helping us be the best we can be! #MyMusicHall

Thanks for helping us be the best we can be!

Last night was a big night, Taylor Swift dropped her first new music in three years and The Music Hall won TWO readers choice awards. So as I stream Taylor’s new song over and over again, I thought I’d take a moment to thank all of you for voting for us for best place to see a concert and best movie theater. Read More Read More
Reading brings us unknown friends #MyMusicHall

Reading brings us unknown friends

Did you know that we have a Music Hall Book Club? It’s open to members at the Contributer level and above and meetings the third Monday of the month at Portwalk Place. I’ve been curious about this club for awhile, so I thought it would be fun to chat with our Book Club moderator Dawn Heffron. She filled me in on how she picks the books, what to expect, and what it’s like being a guest moderator for our Writers in the Loft events. Read More Read More
A Day with Belle #MyMusicHall

A Day with Belle

Today, the lovely and talented Catherine Charlebois, who is currently starring as Belle in the Ogunquit Playhouse at The Music Hall’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast took over our Instagram account. She is taking our followers behind the curtain to see what a day in her life is like. Read More Read More
Grateful and Thankful at The Music Hall #MyMusicHall

Grateful and Thankful at The Music Hall

Gratitude is a word we’ve been talking a lot about over the last month here at The Music Hall. Every morning, Patricia Lynch, our Executive Director, takes a few moments to list the five things she’s grateful for. As this is my Thanksgiving week blog, I thought I’d take a page from her playbook and share the five things I’m grateful for here at The Music Hall. Read More Read More
#MyMusicHall: Dean Diggins #MyMusicHall

#MyMusicHall: Dean Diggins

With each interview we do for our #MyMusicHall video series, I learn more and more about this history of this incredible theater from the people who were there to rebuild it. Today, I’m so excited to share our conversation with Dean Diggins. Read More Read More
#MyMusicHall: Monte Bohanan #MyMusicHall

#MyMusicHall: Monte Bohanan

The driving force behind the creation of our #MyMusicHall, video series has been my boss, Monte Bohanan, our Director of Marketing. When I was putting together a list of possible subjects, it only seemed natural that he would be one of them. I love hearing his stories about what The Music Hall was like when he first started here and how it’s changed over the 17 years he’s been working here. After some sweet talking, he agreed to tell his story.   Read More Read More

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