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Tiger Saw CD Release Community

Tiger Saw CD Release

“Tiger Saw has been around in one form or another since the summer of 1999. They’ve played shows all over the world, and have made several albums. Some albums were made in really nice recording studios, and some were made in living rooms with a computer and a couple mics. The last Tiger Saw album, Nightingales, released in 2010, was recorded in at least six different locations, in homes from Portsmouth to Stockholm, Sweden. The writing and recording processes have always proven to be long, and it’s an understatement to say that each album has all been labored over,” says bandleader, Dylan Metrano. Our Deputy Director of Programming Thérèse LaGamma caught up with Dylan Metrano from Tiger Saw to talk about life on the road, growing up on the seacoast, and what lead him to pursue music. Read More Read More
ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The Blue Ribbons make their Portsmouth debut Interviews

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: The Blue Ribbons make their Portsmouth debut

The Blue Ribbons is a Boston-based band that has been performing together for the past thirteen years. They have an established weekly residency at a legendary club in Cambridge where they have built a devoted following.  The news just reached us that they’ve been nominated along with four others in the category of ‘Best Live Ongoing Residency’. Members of the band have collaborated with a host of New England bands including Township, Bored of Health, John Powhida, Andrea Gillis, Gil Aharon, Andrew Stern…to name a few. We recently caught up with The Blue Ribbons’ bandleader and lead vocalist - James Rohr - to learn about his influences and what patrons can look forward to as they make their Portsmouth debut on Saturday, November 7 at The Music Hall Loft. Read More Read More
Welcome New Membership Coordinator Alexis Membership

Welcome New Membership Coordinator Alexis

We have a new Membership Coordinator! Alexis Hahalis (formerly Erb) will join Development on October 20th. Alexis joined The Music Hall a year ago as a Box Office and Sales Associate. As Sales Associate she managed our Group Sales program and acted as the liaison for the University of New Hampshire student program, which includes free film tickets and discount tickets for numerous shows throughout the year. Read More Read More
Celebrating 10 Years of Writers on a New England Stage: Memorable Moments Essay

Celebrating 10 Years of Writers on a New England Stage: Memorable Moments

There have been so many fabulous moments in the production of this series …. I couldn’t name just one. Needless to say, we do much work behind the scenes for months leading up to each writer’s event, identifying writers/books to feature and then negotiating and organizing with appropriate contacts in New York.  It’s like any other business or product - you work hard to get it just right and then you put it out into the marketplace - or, in our case, on stage. It’s great fun and a great challenge getting to that point, a mix of “big game hunting” and administrative and marketing execution.  Read More Read More

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